Digital Marketing has become mainstream. No longer is “digital” the parsley on the marketing plate at a fancy dinner, an afterthought, or a cool extra to add some sizzle to a marketing plan.  Digital is now the main course of the marketing meal – the connective strategy that pulls all the elements of an integrated marketing program together, ensuring that all messaging and communications strategies are effective at reaching the customer. Yet in many organizations, the digital marketing mix is still handled arbitrarily, after the fact, or managed part time or by a junior member of the team who has some personal familiarity or a willingness to learn how to work in the digital medium.  

This book is designed to bring the educated layperson – the typical marketer or business professional familiar with the topic – to a point where digital strategies and methods become an essential element of their integrated marketing plan from the very beginning. With over 70% of consumers stating that they go online first before making any purchase, no marketer would launch a branding campaign, even using traditional media, without a website to drive traffic to, a coordinated search and social strategy for leveraging the campaign, and plans for digital touchpoints to engage prospects across all digital and mobile channels.

Unlike other resources in the market, we approach each topic strategically then dive into elements of tactical execution across all the major digital channels: search, display, email, social, and mobile. Our approach focuses on defining “ultimate business goals” and desired results of a marketing strategy – and how to frame these objectives and measure them for success. Given the rapidly changing subject matter in this dynamic industry, we also provide an online resource to the sources in the book, with extensive examples, tools and resources.

If you’ve chosen to read this book, it’s clear you already know that any marketer or business professional must understand these changes and be able to plan and integrate the power and potential of digital marketing channels.  

As Wayne Gretsky famously said, “A good player plays where the puck is. A great player plays where the puck is going to be.”

Digital provides many destinations for marketers to consider; and we look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Jeremy Kagan, Columbia University

1.     Digital Marketing and the Four Ps

2.     Search Marketing: Search Engine Optimization

3.     Search Marketing: Search Advertising

4.     Email Marketing

5.     Display Advertising: the Basics

6.     Display Advertising: Advanced Topics and Trends

7.     Social Media: Communities and Targeting Advertising

8.     Social Media: Content Marketing, Influence and Amplification

9.     Mobile and Its Impact

10.  Ecommerce and Shopping: Product Listing Ads

11.  Evolving Business Models

12.  Emerging Channels and Opportunities

Jeremy Kagan is the Managing Director of the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia Business School, where he oversees the entrepreneurial curriculum and programming, the multi-million dollar Lang Investment Fund, and the Columbia Startup Lab. For over a decade he has been a Professor at Columbia Business School department of Marketing, teaching in the MBA, EMBA and Executive Education programs in the areas of Digital Marketing, Strategy and Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. His new book, Digital Marketing: Strategy & Tactics, is a unique textbook for digital marketing students and practitioners, published by Wessex Press, Inc. April 2018.

He previously founded, a SaaS marketing technology company helping small businesses manage search marketing (SEM) and digital advertising, with peer benchmarking, a simple, unified platform for deploying and managing campaigns, and many other features to save them time, money and acquire more sales and leads. 

In his consulting capacity, Jeremy works as a mentor with numerous accelerators, such as the ER Accelerator, Innovation Norway, the German Accelerator, Dreamit, XRC Labs, as well as advising individual startup companies.

Kagan has held executive positions at Sony Music Entertainment in the Global Digital Business unit handling Global Mobile Accounts; as Vice President/Director, Strategy and Customer Insights in advertising at Publicis Modem, where he was head of Strategy and Innovation; and as a strategy consultant at IBM and Dean & Company. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and both a BS from the Wharton School and BA at the College of the University of Pennsylvania.